Thursday 31 October 2013

Light Box Challenge Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge # 2

Hello Friends,

Here is my new DT Project for : 


Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge #2:  

My Craft Room - Construct A Light Box 


Challenge Part A:

Do some online research about creating a handmade lightbox & decide which design will better suit you & your needs.  Use your research as a guide / reference & remember to give credit in your challenge post.


I had a search through You Tube Videos, and their was a lot of great ones, but the one I was most impressed with was this one :

How to make a Light Tent Tutorial

 by Pam Sparks


It is actually called a Light Tent but it is basically the same thing. I wanted something Child Friendly. I wanted it to be strong and sturdy, functional and able to be dismantled and packed away.



Challenge Part B:  

Create your lightbox taking step-by-step photo's as you go. Remember to explain each step with how you are putting it together until you have completed your project. It would also be a good idea to include a list of the supplies you have used.

Supplies List:

25mm PVC Pipe - 8 x 50cm Lengths

4x 4cm Lengths

4 Elbows

4 T's

4 Stoppers

White Sheet to cover tent

White Plastic Sheet to line inside

3 Lamps 



I was lucky to have my eldest son Martin around to help me with cutting my pipes to size. They were purchased at Bunning's in just over 1 meter lengths, so there was a fair bit of cutting to do. Then it was a very simple exercise to put it all together.

I used an old white sheet to lay over the top, and a white plastic sheet to lay from the top rear down to the front base.



Using the light tent

I set up my Light tent on a table inside.


I placed a lamp on each side and a desk lamp to shine down from the top. I would like to purchase some more practical spot lights at some stage, like the ones in the video.


Then all I had to do was place my item inside and take my photos as normal.




Challenge Part C:  

1) Take a photo of one of your designs without the light box as you would have done before you created it. This is your 'before' photo.

2) Take another photo of the same design but this time inside your light box. This is your 'after' photo.



Challenge Part D: 

Explain your experience including:


1) Has the light box helped you?  If so, how?

As you can see by my Before and After Photos It was quite a successful experiment, and I am so happy that I will have help to make my Photos Brighter, and I like the plain background that is produced.

2) Are you using the light box inside the house or outside?

I have used the Light Tent Inside this time, but am looking forward to trying it Out doors as well.

3) Are you using lights?  If so, what kind?

I used ordinary Household Lamps which worked fine, but I would like some brighter ones in the future.

4) Tell us two tips or tricks about creating or using a light box.

You need to use a material that is thin on your light box so that the maximum amount of light can penetrate it.

It is great to be able to pack it away for storage, so I will be thinking up a storage container or bag next.


The DDCC ladies including myself would be thrilled if you  join in with the challenge, there is $20 cash to win & a new FB group Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge that you can join to chat with other crafters :) we are a very friendly bunch, and would love to see you there.



I hope you enjoy making your own Light Box, and find It very helpful Like I did.

Hugs Julie xox


Lisa Walsh @ said...

Hi Julie,
Wow, I love your light tent & the images that you have produced from your little experiment are a lot clearer to the eye. It is a lot brighter & helps us see more of the details :) This is really cool & it's great that when constructing it & putting it together it allowed your Son to get involved too :) Nothing like have quality time with our children & seeing them use their talents too :)

You have done a fantastic take on the challenge Julie & I am so glad that you are happy with your results :) Thank you so much for showing your followers how easy it is to create & I hope they too will be encouraged to try the challenge themselves :) Hugs, Lisa x

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The-Butterfly said...

Your images are so different, really just little details that stand out much more, its great for something so simple as a tent! Great job Julie! :)

Unknown said...

What a brilliant design! It's shocking to see the difference in the pics of the same project (which is gorgeous, by the way.) Inside the lightbox, the colors are so much more vibrant!
Great job!!
Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge Design Team
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Sam K said...

What a great make and great tutorial for the challenge. Your picture not only looks brighter, but the colours are so much richer and there is an added depth to the picture. Great job Julie x

Joanne said...

What a great idea, and you made it look so easy! Your results are super too! The color is sooo much better! SUPER JOB! xxx

Mikha Adriani said...

Pretty as you, Julie. Both of the card and light tent. Hehehe...
I didn't choose pipe, for I did my lightbox myself. Lucky you have Martin to help :) :)
Great job :)

Hugs, Mikha