Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge #3:

Hello My Wonderful Friends!


It is time again for the monthly Challenge at DDCC


Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge #3:  

My Techniques - Christmas: A Technique I've Never Tried Before 


This challenge revolves around the theme of Christmas & expanding your skills with a brand new technique you have never tried before but yet always wanted to. 


The New Technique that I tried was the Drier sheet with Glitter Technique!  


Here is a pic of my finished cards:





 And now I will show you the step by step pics and instruction's.




You will need:

Used Drier Sheets - I got these from my local supermarket, and as I had no used ones I just washed a few and then put them in the drier. (They need to be washed as they have some sort of fabric softener in them that makes them quite stiff when new)

A Glue Stick

Crystal Glitter - I found that fine was best

Some spare paper to collect glitter and keep your work surface clean



A selection of coloured images



Firstly cover your entire image with a liberal coating of glue



Place Drier sheet over the image and smooth down, your fingers will get a bit sticky as the glue squishes through the fibrous drier sheet.



Sprinkle the glitter over the covered image and spread with your finger to completely cover

Shake off excess!

I found the glitter goes a very long way!



Trim the excess drier sheet from around your image and leave to dry!

Your image is ready to make into a card!




Here is my 5yr old Bella having a go!






Include in your post:


1) Why did you want to try this technique?


I have been seeing it a lot lately and it is perfect for Christmas Cards with all of that Glitter! LOL


2) What has been your experience with it?


This is a very easy technique, and give a very pretty and subtle result. It can be a bit messy, I managed with my daughters help to get glitter everywhere! LOL But it is a lot of fun, and not a lot of supplies are needed! It is especially suited to Christmas Cards and projects where Glitter and sparkle are so popular.


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I hope you will give this a go! Take a look at the DDCC Blog and see what techniques the other DT ladies have to show.


We would love for you to enter the challenge as well, there is an amazing prize up for grabs!


Hugs Julie xox



Roberta Swisher said...

Awesome! I've seen this recently I think I HAVE to try it.
As cute as your cards are, Bella is by far the cutest picture in this post!! What a little doll!
Queen Bee Paper Crafts

Alexandra♥ said...

These cards are great Julie! Very creative!

Joanne said...

Julie this is really cool! I have never seen it before and I really love it! Who would have thought you could get such a beautiful result with a dryer sheet!?! It is beautiful! I love the look, and as you said it is perfect on Christmas cards. I am going to try this technique for sure! Thanx so much for sharing this one. OH, and your daughter is adorable! Looks like she had a lot of fun too!!! xxx

Mikha Adriani said...

Wow, sounds fun, Julie. Even your daughter helped you played along :) :)
I never seen this before, worth to try :) :)
Wondeful job, Julie. Wish you a happy holiday!! :D

Cindy said...

This is great! I looks beautiful, I have never heard of this technique before, but if it is available here, I certrainly will try. I love it! Hugs, Cindy

The-Butterfly said...

Oh wow! I love when you can do something new with simple household things! I never dreamed of doing this one either! It's perfect for Christmas cards too with the little shiny Christmas feel, love the images too, so cute and simple so it doesn't detract from the beautiful shine! Thanks for this, yet another thing I really wanna try lol

Samantha K said...

What a fun looking technique :) I love the really soft feel it gives to the images and how glittery and sparkly everything is. Your finished cards look fab. I agree with Roberta though, the best pic is definitely your little angel :) hugs x Little Pear Tree

KarinsArtScrap said...

that looks great Julie, great idea.
they are very beautiful.

gr karin